Information systems master plan

Information systems master planOur information systems master plan methodology enables you to build a development strategy for your IT system in line with your corporate strategy.


In a changing economic context, your organisation needs to maintain current competitive advantages, strengthen its circumstances and create new prospects. Have you ever thought about the new opportunities for performance and competitiveness?
How do they translate in your IT system? What would the costs and time required be? How can you streamline your costs and better control your liabilities? How can your IT system create value for your organisation?

From your existing system, your challenges and goals, the master plan enables you to align your IT system with your corporate strategy and create value. Starting with your challenges and following the analysis of your baseline, your needs and limitations, our methodology enables us to:

  • Map your baseline and consolidate it if necessary
  • Determine the target based on:
    • Strategic, operational and regulatory objectives of the organisation
    • Expectations in terms of IT and business processes of internal and external stakeholders
    • Technology opportunities
    • Trace the best path (time-to-market, ROI, risk, …)
  • Create scenarios by highlighting limitations and priorities