Holi Hai! Join us in celebrating Holi Festival

Happy Holi Festival! Pranali Yenkar tells us all about this year’s celebrations.

Greetings to my wonderful colleagues!

In the spirit of cultural exchange, I wanted to take the time to shine a light on one of India’s most celebrated festivals – Holi. The celebration that breaks down borders and brings people together under one true rainbow, Holi is the Festival of Colours.

It also has a religious purpose, symbolically signified by the legend of Holika. The festivities begin with the ‘Burning of Holika’, where a bonfire full of offerings such as turmeric, wheat, flowers and seeds is set alight to symbolise the victory of good over evil. This is called the Holika Dahn ceremony. Following this, the traditional explosion of paint and powders to welcome the season of Spring in India begins, and is a true experience of welcoming the new and banishing the old.

How is the Holi Festival celebrated?

Holi Festival celebrations tend to differ throughout India, with unique events like Lathmar Holi in Mathura and Royal Holi in Jaipur – showcasing a rich tapestry of diverse regional rituals and customs that contribute to the festival’s vibrant mosaic. Music and dance are integral to Holi celebrations, with lively folk songs spreading joy, and traditional dances like Bhaangra and Garba enhancing the festive spirit. The emphasis is placed on creating a fresh sense of community, all while surrounded by the beauty of the colours of the event.

When visiting neighbours and family homes during the festival, prepare to be teased with colours! Children spray Gulal at each-other while the grown ups opt to use Abir (coloured powder) on their faces. To clean up people bathe, put on clean clothes, and visit friends and family. You’ll then be served with Holi delicacies, desserts and drinks. 

It’s not just about the vibrant powders that are brandished throughout communities and parties during this time – we also remember to foster unity, and support the breaking-down of cultural barriers to embrace the spirit of togetherness. It’s a time when streets, parks and communal spaces are transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours as people of all ages come together to celebrate.

Colours, cultural togetherness and sweet treats.

And of course, no festival is complete without delicious treats! Holi is a feast for the senses with a spread of mouth-watering traditional delicacies like gujiyas, thandai, and other traditional Hindu goodies.

As our workplace mirrors the cultural diversity of the UK, acknowledging and celebrating festivals like Holi is a wonderful way to foster inclusivity.
We’ll be wearing our best Sari’s and Kurta’s in the UK office, or simply showing up in our brightest clothes! Drop us a line here to find out how we revolutionise IT processes for our clients when we aren’t celebrating cultural inclusivity!
May this festival serve as a reminder of the beauty in unity, and may the vibrancy of Holi Festival fill our life with laughter, joy, and a sense of togetherness.

Wishing everyone a colourful and joyous Holi celebration!