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About us

Founded more than 40 years ago, the Infotel group is a European player in digital transformation and IT Consultancy. Infotel UK consulting was established in 2015 as a subsidary of its Paris based parent company —Infotel Group. In keeping the values of excellence, commitment with the group’s and quality we aspire to help, organisations accelerate results by unlocking value from their data. We are proud to be part of the businesses success in banking, insurance, manufacturing, transport and public sectors by relying on the strength and innovation of R&D.


“We develop and deliver our clients technical solutions and services that help accelerate their results by unlocking the value of their data and understaning the nature of their challenges and business goals.”


CEO, Managing Director

“Operations Management is fundamental to our effectiveness. ‘PMO’ planning and managing resources is fundamental to our strategic success. Operations management enables the transformation of resources into products and services. Our PMO team provides strategic support to our customers, enabling them to transform their resources to achieve their business growth targets.”

Gary Walker

Operations Director

“Our collective mission is to support our clients in improving their business performance and realising their strategic goals by building and delivering fit-forpurpose production grade software solutions.”

Michael Graham

Technical Director



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