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Infotel’s Mission:

When our client tasked us with developing an app to revolutionise vehicle maintenance, we knew they would be relying on our industry-leading knowledge of managing technical, commercial, legal and operational conditions in the automotive sector. Our dedicated project team oversaw the design and development of the web application, which needed to be robust enough to support a portfolio boasting 16 brands of automobile.

The application needed to seamlessly integrate and connect with existing logistics software, meaning we were challenged to create a development roadmap ensuring efficiency from concept to execution.

Our client :

Having recognised the strength of our technology solutions within their sector, a multinational automotive manufacturer ranking fifth in worldwide vehicle sales are behind this case study. With around 300,000 employees, they operate in 130+ countries and have manufacturing facilities in 30 countries.


  • Creating an AI program with expert-level skills (Knowledge Based System)
  • Developing a futuristic knowledge-based system that combines expertise from various professions to assess technical, commercial, legal, and regulatory eligibility
  • Constructing the Semantic Web as the application infrastructure


  • Our client outlined the need for a comprehensive system to oversee eligibility across all business functions, supporting new connected services alongside vehicle assembly and sales. With several important objectives in mind, the roadmap to solution we were challenged to provide needed to be as easy to understand as it would be to implement.
  • Another crucial objective was that any programme or application produced by Infotel needed to support the advancement of any new connected services. Our developments would play an important role in complementing existing vehicle assembly and sales operations.


  • With a wealth of over 20 years of knowledge in application development, the project team designed a knowledge-based system with the ability to manage business processes specifically for large organisations  – meaning understanding huge quantities of data posed no issue to the new software.
  • This particular use of AI integrated expert-level skills with the knowledge system that was created, providing the ability to gather insight from multiple experts and departments to calculate eligibility. It would then rely on the Semantic Web for its infrastructure.

How we created a process to success:

Phase 1: Ontology management focussed on editing, publishing and updating semantic models.
Phase 2: Establishing a Knowledge Base to support an RDF repository based on ontologies defined in Phase 1.
Phase 3: Creation of the applications’ Reasoning Engine, so uniform and reasoned responses to any requests could be applied to ontologies.



With key staff members and project managers receiving direct support from our integration experts, results were impressive from concept to execution. Each stage of development was carefully considered, using the following programming and software to complete the task:

  • Protégé 
  • Mongo DB 
  • Apache & JENA
  • OWL 
  • RDF & JSON


Infotel’s consulting services aim to seamlessly integrate with your business, ensuring clear and concise communication at all times.

  • Client Project Director
  • Infotel Project Manager
  • Infotel based Functional Analyst 
  • Technical Designer
  • Functional Architect B&D

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For this case study, we thought it would be best to let our client speak for themselves about our successful collaboration:

“Infotel’s deep understanding of semantic web technologies, along with their extensive experience in the automotive industry meant they were able to closely support and monitor the task we set for them – which we knew would be full of bespoke application needs and quite the challenge! The result of us having a critical technical solution that’s simple to use and understand across our multinational manufacturing group was precisely what we were looking for.”