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Applied Artificial Intelligence Programme

Infotel’s Mission:

With an impressive market share of providing more than 1 in 9 vehicles worldwide, several of our clients approached us with a joined venture that required the utmost precision and efficiency when it came to web application development.

In need of a smooth, well designed app that could harness masses of data from each party, Infotel UK were able to roadmap and produce a solution that also helped reduced reporting costs.

Our client :

Several strategic partners focussed within the automotive sector, our clients monopolise eight major brands in the current market. Covering 450,000 employees internationally, they also collectively boast being part of a top electric vehicle manufacturing group, globally selling over 1 million light-duty electric vehicles.


  • Creating an app with a user-friendly interface and advanced filters to simplify the viewing and tracking of complex data
  • Creating a predictive modelling module that uses real-time data for analysis by comparing current values to predefined rules


  • As this was a completely bespoke solution for a collaboration of clients, project management took a leading role in ensuring all parties were understood, consulted and reported back to throughout the creation of the app. Expectations had to be managed realistically, with a suitable timeframe for all organisations included in the project.
  • The UI design needed to be capable of refining and simplifying large, complex data sets in a rapid amount of time. It also faced the task of not over-generalising the data it produced, as this would defeat the purpose of the application. 
  • A need for a system able to use learned logic for predictive modelling was established, byway of analysing real-time data and comparing current values to pre-defined rules.


Having built expertise for providing creative mobile and web development to the automotive sector for over 20 years, we were able to establish 

Our on-hand experts were able to:

  • Build an application with a clean, intuitive interface and advanced filtering to refine complex data for viewing status tracking.
  • Offer smart, cross-referenced insights into availability and usage, along with real-time shipment and stock status.
  • Design a predictive model for the app to establish how different elements would be used, including options to customie and filter information.

This level of collaboration –  and the quality of the finished application –  resulted in a success not only for the client, but provided valubale inisght to our dedicated way of operating as a seamless addition to your business.


Our dynamic take on project management meant our team of experts were on hand to liaise directly with our client, ensuring their expertise and support were available when it was needed.  Each stage of development was carefully considered, using the following programming and software to complete the task:

  • Angular 6 framework with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Creating a Java data layer for business logic and web service provision


At Infotel, we strive to work alongside your business and employees, meaning our work and integration process will always be seamlessly successful. Contact us for more information about our process.

  • 1 Product owner (Client 1)
  • 1 Scrum Master (Client 2)
  • 1 Scrum Master
  • 2 Full-stack mainframe developers
  • 3 Front-end developers
  • 4 Stakeholders (International)


Starting with our trademark in-depth audit, we were able to provide all parties with an objective view of their existing architecture, and where we could improve it to meet their goals.

Developing the web application required teamwork among Infotel developers, client employers, product managers, and experts to collect parts information and tracking from different manufacturers. This system allowed users to easily access available parts and their locations across multiple systems, by:

  • Introducing an APPV solution to reduce costs for supply and distribution logistics
  • Collaboration with cross-functional teams 
  • Successful deployment of the app across multi-national channels

The pride taken in this project from both the Infotel UK team and our client lead to a strong, reliable resolution: creating user-friendly app for multinational users to navigate complex data.

    Client feedback:

    The project’s success hung upon the ability to organise, delegate and work well across multi-national teams. We struggled to envision one clear framework from which we could all work until Infotel provided a clear roadmap of how we could achieve our collective goal.”