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Providing a comprehensive compliance solution for post-Brexit data management

Infotel’s Mission:

Brexit’s impact on the UK brought huge changes to the way we store, record and manage data. Our client was able to rely on Infotel UK’s expert advice when it came to declaring their customs information in line with new legal regulations. We jumped at the task set for us, of providing a streamlined delivery solution to ensure both accuracy and efficiency, all set to a tight deadline.

Our client :

For this project, our client had a significant presence in various global markets and is known for its innovation, quality and reliability in the automotive industry. Their extensive footprint underscores decades of widespread distribution across Europe, leading to over 500,000 vehicle sales annually and a workforce of over 6,500 in the UK alone.


  • Digital transformation from outdated, unorganised spreadsheets and manual data collection to one streamlined solution
  • Creation and development of a user-friendly interface for managing time slots, door security and delivery status across the entire factory


  • Due to our extensive knowledge and research of changing compliance guidelines surrounding the UK leaving the EU, we were prepared for clients from all sectors to approach us for guidance and reassurance that comes as standard with our consultative services. For this particular client, we were able to outline and recommend a comprehensive solution for global delivery scheduling and site monitoring.
  • As with the rest of the country, time was of the essence when it came to delivering a GDPR compliant solution with the Brexit deadline looming. Part of this challenge involved developing a system for generating accurate customs declarations with time for assessment and implementation.
  • Our passion lies within innovation – so we needed to quickly address the inefficiencies of spreadsheets and manually logged phone-calls with one dynamic, adaptive digital solution


We knew the answer to the client’s issue would lie in developing software that supports a reliable and adaptable system/ By taking action to identify and address requirements at the beginning of the process, we also identified opportunities to reduce costs.

This lead the team to make the following steps:

  • Design and development of a web console specific to logistics management that would be able to link requests and views from both suppliers and hauliers. We advised that the application would also need management features which would be approved by the manufacturers’ admin and security teams.
  • Creation of a transport plan with the ability to upload with data enrichment and validations, all modelled on a user-friendly interface for managing timeslots, security capacity and delivery status factory-wide


Our integration experts provided direct support to key staff members and project managers, result in in impressive results from conception to execution. Each development stage was meticulously planned, using the following programming and software to complete the task :

  • Angular 7 standalone framework with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Material Design UI, and NGRX store fro front end data management
  • Java REST services (Spring)
  • JBoss, Java V2 back-end logic
  • PostgreSQL database


Infotel’s consultative services will always strive to work as an extension of your business, keeping communications succint and precise :

  • 1 Full Stack Developer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 3 Business Users (United Kingdom, Spain, Russia)

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After conducting a technical audit, our team provided our client with an unbiased assessment of their exisiting framework, along with a roadmap for implementing the recommended new system.

As a result of Infotel UK’s vast experience in Resource Augmentation, we delivered a web application to manage the company’s supply chain and ensure plan security, while also handling customs declarations. This case study and body of work in particular is a prime example of the strong business engagement we pride ourselves upon, as the work had to be applicable across international plants in the UK, Spain and Russia.

We’re delighted to report that our clients felt the same about our expertise in stakeholder management!

Client Feedback :

“It’s been a great experience working closely with the team at Infotel UK, and really reassuring to know they had experience in every area that our project needed supporting in. Producing an app that was easy to understand across many languages and locations was a monumental task from us, but their IT professionals took it in their stride and delivered results as and when we needed them.”