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VN/ICP Maintenance Contract

Infotel’s Mission:

Far from providing one-off assistance, Infotel UK exists on the strength of established and trusted partnership with our clients in the Automotive sector. For this case study, we shine a light on the years of development dedicated to a volume project of assistance and maintenance of a VN/ICP Maintenance contract.

The introduction of a Virtual Network Infrastructure (VN) involved management and maintenance of virtual servers, switches and routers. Likewise, as we were approached to implement a robust Internet Content Provider (ICP) maintenance pertained to the upkeep of content delivery networks (CDNs) to host and deliver online content, services and applications.

And if we created this management system without consistent support for updates, security patches and performance optimisations?

Well, we wouldn’t be Infotel!


Our client :

At the beginning of the year this project began, our client announced a cool $50 billion merger with a global Italian auto-manufacturing holding. Given they themselves are a multinational manufacturing company, producing vehicles and motorcycles as an umbrella company to five well established brands – this was a challenge we couldn’t wait to be part of.


  • Becoming a key partner in our client’s progression, development and integration in all work stemmed from the merger. The infrastructure we recommended and produced became the main frame for all future work, of which we continue to manage.
  • A complete understanding of our client’s technical environment, meaning our staff augmentation model could be used directly in all work moving forward. Infotel became a fully fledged supporting part of the client’s staff as a result of work created.
  • Creation of productivity optimisation plan, ensuring that our VN/ICP contract was as efficient as possible and worked alongside and improved existing infrastructures.



Though we were ultimately approached and asked to create a new, innovative VN maintenance environment, we knew we had to begin by fully examining existing infrastructures, and producing a full audit of what was already being achieved. Any work we went on to add to our client’s ICP had to compliment and enhance the goals they were hoping to achieve. Due to their monumental scope in their sector, we looked to cover the following frameworks as part of their upcoming merger:

  • Management of orders for produced vehicles
  • Distribution of new vehicles
  • Commercial programming
  • Logistical monitoring of vehicles (order creation, monitoring and planning process)
  • Management of customer repositories (networks, Direct Customers, Protocols)


Everything that was needed for the success of this project was provided quickly and professionally. A major component of our business ethos is to help our clients find the most efficient way to achieve their goals, so it was as important to us to fully support the transition to the new VN as it was to know it was working correctly.

This meant our client had full access to the following services that we always offer on a consultative basis: 

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Evolutive maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Technical and functional support N2, N3
  • 24/7 on-call duty
  • Expertise services
  • Knowledge management


With key staff members and project managers receiving direct support from our integration experts, results were instantly noticable. Each stage of development continues to be fully considered, with a strong foundation using the following programming and software:

  • Cobol / MARK IV / MARK V / PACBASE / COOLGEN / DB2 / DL 1 / IMS / CICS / Java (JEE)
  • Frameworks of the client: LEGO 2&3 (Hibernate, Spring, Tomcat, etc.) / Oracle 10g/11g


The results for this Case Study are still underway! From this total restructure of technical work environment, we’re still delighted to maintain the applications set in place for over 5 years. Since the beginning of this project, we’ve delivered 52 applications covering crucial areas such as: 

  • Production Volume Management
  • Central billing 
  • Distribution and logistics 
  • Commercial programming 
  • Customer Repository Management

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