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Creation of an intuitive and autonomous mobile application for people with disabilities

About the client

The Client is a European public transport provider operating in metro lines, tramway lines, a hundred buses and shuttle services with a unified magnetic ticketing and online card system

Mission :

Creation of an intuitive and autonomous mobile application
for people with disabilities


  • Successfully delivered an intuitive mobile application available on Android and iOS for the usage of people
    with disabilities by the advertised official release date


  • Creation of a mobile application for public transport aimed for people with various disabilities
  • Imperative to publish the application on public stores be the end of short deadline. The release associated with the inauguration of visuals in metro stations.
  • Creation of a clear and simple layout and consistent navigation throughout the app, providing design for colour blindness, choosing the right font type and size, combining audio and visual materials to increase accessibility of the app.


The Client has set up visuals announcing new app that provides access for people with disabilities by the certain date in each metro station to facilitate. Associated with the implementation deadline, the Client entrusted Infotel the creation of an intuitive and autonomous mobile application for all Android and iOS platforms. We delivered the project according to the agreed roadmap on time:

V1.0: November 2017
V1.1: January 2018 (addition of the geolocation option)
V2.0: during 2018 (new accessibility features and design improvements)

During the project delivery Infotel provided UI/UX advice and supported on the deployment on public stores.


  • Development in Agile mode
  • Native development (iOS and Android)
  • Delivery in Agile mode on client devices via the Fabric solution
  • Use of an internal PIC (Jenkins) coupled with code analysis (SonarQube)


  • 1 digital project manager
  • 1 UI-UX expert
  • 1 Mobile solutions technical manager
  • 3 developers (Android and iOS)
  • 2 testers​