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Created at the end of 2020, Smurk IT is the subsidiary of the Infotel group and positions itself as Infotel India. Based in Chennai, previously known as Madras (the official name changed in 1996) in the state of Tamil Nadu, our Indian subsidiary has established itself in one of the country’s most dynamic IT employment areas. With its quality engineering schools and the presence of many multinationals from the banking, automobile and air transport worlds, the Chennai region is the second IT region after the Bangalore region.

Infotel has established itself in India to strengthen its international projects, to expand operations in new directions and build its brand and reputation directly in India to be close to our clients and offer adaptability and proximity in their projects.
Our wide access to practice-based knowledge and global expertise allows us to offer our clients wide range of IT Services and Consultancy across a range of industries and projects.


Infotel’s presence in India makes it possible to offer new capacities and very high technicality to our customers in the Automotive, Aeronautics and Banking sectors to complete their European projects. The dynamic job market and recognized Indian training, combined with integration into Infotel service centers, allow us to carry out Quality projects for our customers.

General Manager
Infotel UK and Infotel India



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