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In line with the objectives for 2021

Paris, May 19, 2021

(in €m)
2021 2020 2019 % var.
2021 / 2019
% var.
2021 / 2020
1st term (January – March) 64,5 66,0 62,8 + 2,7 % – 2,2 %
– Services 62,6 63,6 60,6 + 3,2 % – 1,7 %
– Softwares 2,0 2,3 2,2 – 12,6 % – 15,9 %

A first quarter of 2021 in line with the objectives

Infotel recorded activity of €64.5 million in the 1st quarter of 2021, in a context still marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. Revenue for the period was up +2.7% compared to the 1st quarter of 2019, i.e. above the objectives set out on the occasion of the publication of the 2020 annual results, which target revenue at a level comparable to that recorded in 2019.

The Services activity at €62.6m in the 1st quarter of 2021, is down slightly by -1.7% compared to a very solid 1st quarter 2020 pre-Covid, and up by +3.2% compared to the 1st quarter 2019. Overall, the Infotel group is seeing a recovery in activity in all the sectors in which it operates.

With 104 gross recruitments over the period, the total workforce exceeded 2,400 people at the end of March. The inter-contract rate remained low at 3% on average over the quarter.

The Banking/Finance sector continues its growth momentum and now represents 41.4% of Services business revenue. The Infotel group deployed over the period with several new customers (BNP Real Estate, Crédit Agricole, Banque Edel, Natixis and Banque Postale).

The Industry sector posted a 22.4% decline in turnover, with stabilized activity at Airbus, and the deployment of offshore platforms for Stellantis and Nissan.

With 18.3% of revenue, Services included a strong recovery at Air France and the implementation of a major new project for the EPO (European Patent Office).

Infotel UK is showing a recovery in activity with new opportunities with its Nissan and Virgin Money customers.

The Software activity recorded €2.0m in revenue during the 1st quarter, including €1.1m in IBM royalties.

Despite a still fragile aviation context, Orlando recently signed new contracts with benchmark companies such as Air Canada, Air France, Republic Airlines, Fiji Airways and today has great growth potential.

New phase of growth in 2021

The activity of the first quarter confirms the Group’s objectives for the year 2021 aiming for sales and profitability at levels comparable to those recorded in 2019.

The General Meeting held behind closed doors today approved the distribution of an exceptional dividend of €1.6 per share paid for the 2020 financial year.

Next meeting :
Publication of 2nd quarter 2021 revenue: July 28, 2021.

About Infotel

Listed on Compartment B of Euronext Paris since January 1999 (Isin code FR0000071797), Infotel is the specialist in large account management systems, from mobile to very large databases (Big Data). At the forefront of technological innovations, Infotel develops its expertise around two complementary areas of expertise: IT services and software publishing. With €235.2 million in revenue in 2020, Infotel employs more than 2,400 people