Infotel Conseil strengthens its commitments in the field of disability

Infotel Conseil strengthens its commitments in the field of disability
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As part of its CSR commitments, Infotel is committed to the employment of people with disabilities and works for their integration into the workplace.

Between October 2019 and February 2021, nearly 400 employees were sensitized and shared on this subject during an interview of about one hour with the consultants of our partner Pidiem, specialized in disability and occupational health.

In one year, the number of employees benefiting from a recognition of the status of disabled worker (RQTH) and therefore from our “disability policy” has more than doubled. This reinforces our desire to develop our policy in the long term.

Infotel Conseil naturally wishes to put in place concrete measures to meet its commitment. For this, a Disability plan is being deployed within the company. Here are the main measures:

In the first place, the imperative of confidentiality is recalled. This is the pillar of the implementation of our actions. Any employee may have access to the information and/or be accompanied in complete confidentiality.

Infotel Conseil strengthens its commitments in the field of disability

Infotel souhaite développer une relation de proximité et de confiance avec tous ses collaborateurs et plus particulièrement avec ceux ayant besoin d’un accompagnement renforcé. 

Infotel wishes to develop a relationship of proximity and trust with all its employees and more particularly with those in need of reinforced support.

Thus, it has designated two disability referents. Their role, presented in the last Arrobas of December 2020, is detailed in the plan. An interview is offered to the disabled worker as soon as his RQTH is handed over. Regular monitoring of these employees is then established according to their needs. The objective is to build a real relationship of proximity that allows to have an exchange and a quality accompaniment.

Personalized support for people recognized as disabled workers or in need of information on this subject is offered. It can be done during administrative procedures internally, by the disability referent or externally by an organization designated by Infotel. In order to be able to carry out these formalities serenely, Infotel allows the employee to benefit from an exceptional paid day of absence.

Infotel also plans to set up the workstations of employees with an RQTH, as far as possible, and works in collaboration with the services that can help them: occupational health services, specialized institutions (AGEFIPH, CAP EMPLOI, etc.).

In order to make these measures visible, an Infotel charter “We are all different”, which will include the measures of the plan in a synthetic way, will soon be disseminated.

These measures also aim to strengthen Infotel’s commitment to welcoming and recruiting more people recognized as workers with disabilities. The implementation of this plan will, we hope, make it possible to demonstrate our investment and the quality working conditions offered to all our Infoteliens employees.

Our disability policy is rolling out and more and more employees are benefiting from these measures.


By Cécile D. 

Infotel Conseil strengthens its commitments in the field of disability
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