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Java solution redevelopment based on the replacement of Microsoft Access solution

About the client

The Client is a hub for digital platforms to collaborate and secure data exchanges within the Supply Chain of Aerospace & Defence European industry.
It promotes and markets a range of collaborative and secured services, developed, and sold by services providers, in the domains of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and global collaboration.

Mission :

Developing a Java solution based on replacing the existing Microsoft Access solution.


  • Redeveloped Client’s JAVA solution based on the replacement of the existing Microsoft Access solution and industrialised deployment for up to 400 SMEs worldwide.


  • Design an application to automate the exchanges between X, the collaborative supply chain portal for large aerospace customers, and the Y systems of small and medium enterprises. The Client chose Infotel to industrialise the current version and deploy to up to 400 suppliers worldwide.
  • Development and deployment for up to 400 SMEs worldwide for all company’s subsidiaries and partners.
  • Redevelop a JAVA solution based on the replacement of the existing Microsoft Access solution and provide technical experts support, maintenance, and deployment.


  • Application v.3.0 industrial version in May 2018
  • Acceptance in 4 SMEs in September 2018
  • Deployment of 400 SMEs until the end of 2021
  • New industrial and high requirement solution based on JAVA to connect the AirSupply portal to ERP systems (up to 25 identified ERP systems)
  • Catalogue of services offered for the support, maintenance, and deployment of AirConnect v.3.0
  • Support from level 1 to level 3
  • Software vendor approach including the iTop ITIL ticketing tool to provide a download mechanism for each deployed and registered SME


  • Agile method
  • Client solution based on HTML5, CSS3 and Angular 4
  • Server solution based on Java 8, REST, JSON, XML, Spring
  • PostgreSQL


  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Deployment Manager
  • 1 technical manager, 2 developers
  • Supply Chain Support & Deployment Team
  • 290 J/H



“High quality work, Infotel was able to show its motivation, flexibility and responsiveness throughout the supplier selection process”.