2007 turnover: €84.4 million (+20.1%)

2007 turnover: €84.4 million (+20.1%)
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2007 turnover: €84.4 million (+20.1%)

Above-market organic growth1

Bagnolet, January 30, 2008

En M€ 2007 2006 Δ 2007 / 2006
1er quarter 21,0 16,7 + 25,8 %
2e quarter 20,1 16,7 + 20,3 %
3e quarter 20,2 16,0 + 26,2 %
4e quarter 23,1 20,9 + 10,7 %
Annual turnover 84,4 70,3 + 20,1 %
of which Services revenues 78,4 64,6 + 21,4 %
of which software revenues 6,0 5,7 + 5,6 %


Infotel closed its 2007 fiscal year with revenues of €84.4 million, up by more than 20%, exceeding its upwardly revised target of €83 million and outperforming the average growth of the market.1 The fourth quarter contributed €23.1 million to this performance, an increase of 10.7% compared with a particularly high fourth quarter in 2006.

(1) + 6.5% in 2007 (Source: Syntec – October 2007)

Strong and entirely organic growth in both business segments

The “Services” division (92.8% of revenues) completed an excellent year with the development of service centers

Infotel’s service centers confirm the relevance and suitability of their positioning to the needs for proximity and flexibility of customers from all economic sectors (Banking, Insurance, Pensions, Industry, Transport, Services). With growth of more than 21% in 2007, and a recurring revenue share of 60%, the Services division gives Infotel good visibility on its future development.

The signing of a three-year contract with EADS has enabled Infotel to be listed as a top-tier service provider for the aerospace group since the end of 2007 and gives it access to all of its European subsidiaries.

The “Software” division (7.2% of revenues) benefits from a record level of royalties

Despite an unfavorable exchange rate environment, the Software division maintained a high level of royalties, which contributed to the increase in margins. The sales promotion plan implemented by Infotel for its Arcsys archiving software (offered directly and through offerings such as tax auditing of computerized accounting systems and digital safes) has begun to bear fruit and will be fully effective in 2008.

Favorable outlook for 2008: continued regional development and creation of Infotel Luxembourg

As in 2007, the Group will mobilize its teams around two complementary strategic axes: the opening of new accounts and the reinforcement of its presence within its historical customers.

Infotel will continue its regional development in Lyon, Bordeaux and Toulouse, as well as in the west of France (Rennes, Nantes, Le Mans and Niort) via its subsidiary Odaxys. As part of the rationalization of its locations, the group sold its stake in Odaxys Consulting, a subsidiary of Odaxys, to its managers at the end of 2007.

Infotel also announced the creation of its subsidiary Infotel Luxembourg in early 2008: in line with its strategy of being a local global player, Infotel is continuing its geographical expansion by setting up in the heart of a high-potential economic hub, historically specialized in tertiary activities, and in particular the Banking-Insurance sector.

Infotel will specify its objectives for 2008 at the time of its annual results presentation.

Next meeting:
Publication of 2007 annual results: March 13, 2008 (before market hours)

About Infotel

Listed on the C compartment of Euronext Paris since January 1999 (Isin code FR0000071797), Infotel has been at the forefront of technological innovations for companies in the field of databases and web applications since its creation. Infotel is developing its expertise around two activities: services and high-tech software publishing. In 2006, Infotel had total revenues of €70.3 million.

Michel Koutchouk Co-founder