Numerique Responsable Label

Numerique Responsable Label

Objective: Numerique Responsable Label for Infotel

Following the signing of Planet Tech Care in December 2020, Infotel is embarking on a responsible digital approach. An approach that gives meaning to our ISO14001 certification.


We have chosen the responsible digital repository of the Lucie agency. This repository has 5 axes and 14 areas for improvement, of which I am communicating the five axes to you.

Axis 1: Strategy and Governance
Axis 2: Training and Communication
Axis 3: Cross-cutting approaches
Axis 4: Approaches centered on “use”
Axis 5: Approaches centered on “organization”


From the contractualization of the approach towards the Green IT label, we will be able to use the membership of the Lucie community in our responses to calls for tenders, in communication with our stakeholders. This Infotel commitment reinforces our CSR policy. After the initial audit for the Green IT label, we will be able to use the label.

Now let’s look at three examples of Green IT issues. The purchase of renewable energy.

Infotel supplies nearly 80% of its sites in France and Monaco with green electricity. This does not mean that the electrons that arrive at our premises come from renewable energy, but that the supplier is committed to producing green energy each year at least at the level of customer orders. The indicator used is the percentage of electricity from renewable primary energy.

Another example is the purchase of reams of paper. We are currently buying ream paper with both FSC and Ecolabel. PEFC paper is to be banned. We are studying with the purchasing department the possibility of moving towards FSC recycled and Blue Angel labels. Between 2017 and 2020, the purchase of reams has been halved. This validates awareness and awareness to print wisely.

One metric used is the percentage of total weight purchased that is FSC/Blue Angel certified.

The third example concerns the purchase of computer equipment.

We need to add environmental clauses in PC purchases. The EPEAT label for hardware is the best known.

There are several levels. EPEAT Gold level is retained. My own Dell Latitude laptop has EPEAT Gold. Just go to to find out the level. This site also works for smartphones.

In organizational centric approaches, we are at the heart of our operational processes.

This repository is very rich and deals with various subjects such as eco-design. Digital accessibility has been a legal obligation for public websites since 2011. This consists of making a digital service usable by people with disabilities (visual, motor, cognitive). There is an RGAA repository for administrations and ACCESSIWEB for private companies.

A subject joins the Quality system with a good practice which consists in systematizing the code review at the end of development. The code review allows to find the defects that exist to limit the technical debt of the software.

In a Green IT approach, code review is interesting to reduce the cost of the service, but also the environmental footprint.

News Certification audits

The ISO 9001-14001 audit on the Neuilly, Lyon, Niort, Aix and Mougins sites will take place between June 22 and June 29, 2021.
The ISO 27001 audit will concern the Rennes and Toulouse Blagnac sites and will take place around October 2021.
The EN 9100 audit will take place in the second half of November 2021.

By Geoffrey N.

Numerique Responsable Label
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